Q - When can I come down for an estimate?

A - Anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Q - Is there a charge for an estimate?

A - Absolutely not!!

Q - Do I need an appointment for estimates or repairs?

A - Repairs, yes - estimates can be walk in.

Q - How soon can I get my vehicle repaired?

A - Usually right away depending on our schedule. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Q - If I am going through insurance, does the insurance company need to look at my vehicle before the work is started?

A - Yes. They need before photos and to document the damages before repairs are started.

Q - If there is additional damage to my vehicle who will handle getting paid for that?

A - We will do that for you. We will contact the insurance company, schedule a re-inspection if necessary, and handle where and when the payment will be issued.

Q - I am told that you guarantee all work that you have done to my vehicle as long as I own it. Can you provide that in writing?

A - Yes. Written warranties are available upon request.

Q - What should I do with my insurance check if it comes to me?

A - Just hold on to it until your vehicle repairs are complete. Bring it with you when your car is finished and you can endorse it to us.

Q - Is there a limit to how much I can put on my credit card?

A - Yes. We have a 500 dollar maximum for credit cards. All major credit cards accepted.

Q - I need my vehicle towed. Can you arrange that?

A - Of course. Generally most people have towing coverage on their policy and it will not cost you anything if going through insurance.

Q - Will the insurance company pay for all damages to my vehicle?

A - Keep in mind that insurance companies will only pay for damages involved in that particular claim. Any prior damages are not covered.

Q - I do not feel safe driving my vehicle. Will the insurance company make me drive it?

A - No. They want you to be safe as well as we do. Please contact us and allow us to set up a tow for you.

Q - What other forms of payment do you accept?

A - We accept cash, insurance checks, personal checks and credit cards.

Q - What do I need to bring when I arrive to get my vehicle repaired?

A - Whatever estimate we are using to repair your vehicle. We will also need you to sign an authorization to repair so we can get started.

Q - How long will it take to get my vehicle repaired?

A - Most repairs will take a work week (Monday to Friday). Some are quicker and others longer. Feel free to ask and we will give you or best guess.



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